Precisely, YES. The Indian Bollywood movies which depict the lives of kids that are not to be looked forward upon are getting into the heads of kids. All the mainstream actors, without looking on the plots and stories and the main theme, just step down there into the business, make the movie and release it.

Today, after a decade of shit movies, the audience is getting more perspicacious and have finally got conscious. The audience is, finally, able to refine the gems among the fake glass-made diamonds.

Let me explain my experience of the past decade.

I’ve been watching movies and anime shows from like since I was 8. I’ve always been looked forward towards too damn great logic and a story that just blows off my mind. A story that not only touches my heart and say, “Now, here we go. Cry motherfucker”, but also force me to think about the story. But, still, the story seems relevant and just move around a single point which would make just right sense.

Just for an example, watch, “John Wick”. Pick any chapter, 1st, 2nd or 3rd? Or even the upcoming ones. Just look at the amalgamation of the story and violence and the plot and the acting and what not? It’s the perfect blend of a mystery about a guy, namely John Wick, who killed 3 pro fighting guys with just a pencil. Man, just a pencil! And, here we go, the curiosity and the journey begin…

Now, you know what the fuck I am talking about. This is some addictive shit I look forward to.

So, why am I saying Bollywood is fucked, coming outta nowhere? What? Seriously? You still don’t get it? Ok, let me go a little calmly upon you, not to kill your love towards your fav. Bollywood actors.

The STORY, the LOGIC and the MAIN THEME which are the most important in a movie, which clings the audience to a movie, are gone.

Well, today I watched this YouTube channel, YOGI BABA, which is damn! This channel is just the perfect one if you want to understand what I am coming at. I personally love this one and I neither know the maker nor we had any conversation. Also, I am in no contract of publicising that channel, yet, I just love this channel, genuinely.

I watched so many of his videos. Tbh, I abandoned watching Bollywood movies, not all but most ones since I was like 7.


Though, they just go around the typical shit for love and all. They use glamour, flesh beauty and some revealing scenes to lure the audience because they don’t have any story anyways. There are no new actors but, man, actresses are just getting better (in terms of looks, not intellect) and the no. is on the uprising, no offence but, eh, we may need new actors too.

But, but… but…

When the new actors come in, they are not given the opportunity for their hard work and talent but if they can feed the directors off of their bank balance? Then, yeah, they’ve got the luck and the jackpot to ride around.

Anyways, I watched so many of the videos made by, “YOGI BABA”, and they were all damn awesome.

Let me give you a list if you want to know which I watched and will recommend personally.

Recommend? Well, almost every video which I saw.

  • Baaghi 3 In a nutshell
  • Mastanni – B Praak In a nutshell
  • Baarish In a nutshell
  • Kuch Kuch Hota hai In a nutshell
  • 1920 Evil Returns In a nutshell
  • Filhall In a nutshell
  • Hum Saath Saath hai In a nutshell
  • Kabhi Khushi Kabhi gum In a nutshell
  • Love Aaj Kal In a nutshell
  • Krishna Cottage In a nutshell
  • Tumbadd In a nutshell
  • Flying Jatt In a nutshell
  • Krrish 3 In a nutshell

And counting… Many more tbh.

But, fella, everyone embraces the real talent. Even Mr YOGI BABA was unable to criticize or look down to the movie, “Tumbadd”. I loved it too. You can check out my review for this movie here.

Now, if someone will ask me, “So Garry, according to you, what may Bollywood needs to grow?”, I would suggest many things:

Firstly, work on your story. Research for at least 6 months. Put as much effort you can put in the story and dialogue writing because they are what the audience is going to see up to.

Secondly, logic. Just don’t experiment with anything. Yes, stop wasting time and money on experimenting even if you’ve got some extra bucks to chill out. Save it and use it on some good script and movie. Use them to promote the actors who lack back support.

Thirdly, Science. Don’t fuck science in your movies for the sake of action. If the villain has ammo, make her/him use it. It SHOULD look real and villain SHOULD look real competitive.


Because, this youth, INCLUDING ME, love an intelligent and competitive villain. We don’t care if he/she is hot or ugly. I mean they can look just ok but they should be intellectual and of high capabilities. We only love Hero who was able to kill the villain because the hero was just 1 step ahead of the villain. Villian should be TOO DAMN STRONG for the Hero but the Hero, still, should be able to push through it. That’s when we call it, “Victory!”

And lastly, MAKE IT REAL. You directors, currently, don’t know that there’s a fine line between enjoyable fiction and fake. Don’t make the cast, which is working so hard, look like a superhero for no reason. Please have look at movies like John wick (all chapters), Se7en, Split, The Whistleblower, Tumbadd, Andhadhun, Madaari, Article 15, Soorma, Pyaar ka Panchnama (1 & 2), Inception, Shubh Mangal Saavdhaan, The Matrix (all parts), etc.

I AM NOT SAYING THE WHOLE BOLLYWOOD IS FUCKED. But, surely, 85% is. Rarely some people focus on quality and not on quantity, who focus not on nepotism but the real hardworking and talented cast and crew.

One more thing I would like to suggest in your movies is, “STOP, JUST STOP AND, FROM NOW ON, DON’T REMAKE THOSE OLD BEAUTIFUL SONGS JUST FOR THE SAKE YOU DON’T DO WORK TO CREATE NEW LYRICS”. Research, thoroughly, work on your vocabulary, grammar, and words. Just try to make new songs and raps other than re-working out the usual LOVE-ROMANCE bullshit we people usually deal with.

I know you all are talented and hardworking. If you got the guts to use your valuable time in remaking the old songs and movies and/or making the new shit movies like Student of the year 2, Baaghi 3, Kick, Race 3, Action Jackson, then, we Indians believe, you got the guts to make some dope shit too.

We know that you can kick our minds hard with some dope stories, lyrics, plot twists, real acting and that with new talented actors.

As for the last, I would end this with a note, “Just stop having some money meals with rich communities and start searching for new talents, the world is bigger than you think because now the people are getting conscious of right and wrong.”


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