Just thinking about this hypothesis, that I am going to propose, makes my chest feels so tight as if it is the actual one. This hypothesis makes so much sense because every current evidence that we are finding, every outcome of the experiments, every thought of time and its consequences, every possibility of time travel are straight synonyms of what this hypothesis says.

I am certain to the maximum that this hypothesis can be used to explain the very existence of time.

I know it won’t be easy to accept but this hypothesis can create history, I am not boasting, but you may think, after analyzing every aspect, that this theory is a masterpiece for “time”.


Let’s drive to the beginning of the Universe.

In the beginning, there was a point, an immensely, infinitely dense point where all the energy and sound was concentrated. But, but, but… there is something peculiar going on here, in this very concept.

According, to intuitive mathematics, infinite energy or information cannot be concentrated at a single point. This is because a single particle cannot hold infinite information, that is physically impossible for that particle.

Here, my hypothesis comes into place. God used something very logical and understandable concept.

What god did was, it used 2 different logics, but combined them in such a way that all the information we see today, exists.

These were those 2 interdependent logics:

  1. Rather than concentrating the infinite amount of information at a single point, God created single information that can take infinite forms. This will lead to the existence of infinite information without breaking up the properties of that energy.

Proof: Today, we can see that in the quantum world as Quantum superposition.

  1. But, at that very instant, time was no concept. Time never existed before it. So, rather than putting infinite information at a single instant in that infinitely dense point, God created time. What I mean with that was, at every single instant/ moment, the properties of energy will change.

Proof: Just like Fibonacci series(0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,…), the complexity of this Universe will rise exponentially, leading to more and more information. All the energy would start learning from each other. This would lead to more intelligent information.

Slowly, this created quarks, protons, neutrons, electrons, atoms and so on. Today, it is growing at an exponential rate.

Proof: Just like our technology, no. of stars, galaxies, black holes, planets, intelligence, everything you see around, is learning from each other. The whole universe is, somehow, learning from itself. Due to which, the complexity is rising and events like an actual complex and intelligent beings taking place.

At every instant new information takes place. So, time is nothing but the ongoing process of learning by energy. Every moment carries information and particle simultaneously. Without either of them, time will cease to exist.

Thought experiment: Suppose you are in deep space. You are in your spaceship. There is no star, planet, a galaxy near you. Everything is black. Nowhere is a pull or push on your muscles. Still, your circadian clock will act like the same.


Answer: Because of the concept of time by Humans i.e. seconds, minutes, hours, days, years, decades, centuries… cease to exist in the absence of gravity (space-time distortion) or gravitational pull. But, still, one experiences time.

“This is because time exists beyond gravity.”


“Time = Distance / Speed”

A second is a moment when a photon travels a distance of 1 m at a speed of 300,000,000 m/s. This is a human concept to measure time, not God’s.

Just from a second all other units; like hours, days; come into existence.

Possibility of time travel: If one can stop the learning process of energy particles, at that very moment time will stop. Because there will be no sharing of information, burning of fuels; rotation of planets, stars, galaxies; emotions within a being, everything will stop.

Nothing will move because at that instant information travel has frozen. If you want to travel in time you need to stop all atoms learning process around you. Just make sure that your atoms don’t stop, otherwise, with the whole universe, you will freeze too.

Go in past: If you can make energy unlearn, you will position yourself at its past state. This can lead to the possibility of time travel into the past.

So, yes, be happy, time travel into the past and future is possible. But, you have the hope and hypothesis, not the instruments.

Feel free to bring forth the mistakes that may be lurking around in this hypothesis. Maybe this whole hypothesis is wrong, make sure, you share the proof in the comments. 🙂

Yes, this hypothesis is proposed by me and me only.

If you find any flaws or wants to add something to this hypothesis, feel free to write down in the comment section below.


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