And then haters will say, “You can’t control your emotions.” Well, that is not true at all but a common individual will believe it because he doesn’t want to work hard with persistence. He tried to be consistent but he failed so he assumed he can’t control emotions. Forget about him and let us just start the journey to control emotions.


We all have emotions. There may be rarely a being who doesn’t have them. Emotions are the root cause of everything that surrounds us. For everything surrounds you, you associate a set of emotions with it and that may include an individual one or more than one.

For example: when you see your old toy or new car or the couch you are sitting on or maybe the device you are reading this article on, everything has an emotion attached to it.

Why emotions are so important? When you study, looking at your book, you either feel excited about it, worried about the test, boredom because you think it’s uninteresting and the list goes on. Therefore, you presume you are not interested in that subject and you start confusing yourself with the life/ career question, “What I want to be in my life?” That’s stupidity and insane too.

Nonetheless, sometimes you find the answer to that question and sometimes you don’t. It is a matter of time when you realize it isn’t your conscious but the subconscious mentality that leads to these decisions. And then you understand the subconscious mind is your emotional friend. Your emotions curve your reality. Falling for them can either make you highly successful or highly miserable. Falling for emotions is pure gambling. It is nothing more than a probability or a chance game. So,

what should we do?

Easy, you have to understand them. Just by starting to understand your emotions, you open up a whole new world about you. You become more aware of who you are, what your personality is, why you behave like this when are you in a better mood, etc. Being a more aware person can do wonders because just by understanding them you can control them. And if you can control them, you can do wonders.

“Alas! You can be anything in your life!”

Now, this is a step by step process by which you can change yourself, your surrounding and your life itself:
  1. Realize your mind can do wonders.
  2. Stop gambling with the situation and start understanding your emotions.
  3. Now, you have understood them, start controlling them. This includes triggering a particular emotion at any time according to your need.
  4. Change your life.

Thinking about emotions I was wondering if they can be good or bad. Am I being subjugated into what I don’t want or need? Or am I being hallucinated by my imagination?

Good vs bad

“Nothing is good or bad in this world.”

This is the truth! In ancient times, just for gaining more than what they could achieve and to distinguish between pain and pleasure, they created a conceptual aura of good and bad. Good is what gives you pleasure and bad is what gives you pain.

Some activities may include both pain and pleasure and so they are sins. You can’t perform those activities because then you’ll be punished. At least that is what been hardcoded in your brain just to make you their slave.

Look around you today if you don’t believe me and answer these questions:

  • What is the religious belief system?
  • How does a religion distinguish between good and bad?
  • What is a sin according to religion?
  • How does the government shape the rules or living?
  • Why are you not rich and what are the aspects of your mind that shapes your reality?
  • What do you think is good and bad? Are they also depend upon the concept of pain and pleasure?
  • Are you a producer or consumer?
  • Why do you think your religion and caste is upper than all?
  • Why is the world including only 5% wealthiest and independent people?

There are many more questions which can trigger your conscience but do those dominating people want it? You may be qualified but are you educated? Qualification includes formal study but education includes how you think about you, the other and the world.

Do you think you are from upper or lower caste? Do you fear from those in control? Are you still living in poverty and miserable life?

Just so you know, if most of the answers to these kinds of questions are yes, then my friend, you’ve been hardcoded with fear and conceptual thinking of bad for those around you. Bad is just a relative term, i.e. a situation or thing you don’t find pleasant is bad JUST FOR YOU. Moreover, anything good you find in your life may also be a good thing JUST FOR YOU.

Now you understand that why rich is getting richer and poor is getting poor? Because the poor are taught in a way that they have to do a job. They have to be a consumer and not a producer. They may be treated well in a company, but they are just seen as miserable slaves. You need to understand you have immense potential in you and a boss cannot give the value a human has.

The person has to break his/her limits, understand and shape his/her reality. You need to read and learn and write. Do this hundred times till you’ve made a fortune. Till you’ve made your reality your living dream.

Again, how can you do this?

It’s easy, all of you is your emotions. By just controlling your emotions, you can shape your reality and bring forth your immense wealthiest future.

And then haters will say, “You can’t control your emotions.”


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