The other day, I was going deep and deep into this thinking of how karma work. Why the universe behaves based on history it has come from? Why there is tit for tat for everything? How God behaves according to postulates given in The Bible?

What I found about our universe was shocking.

There are certain frequency and amplitude in everything we do. We all produce different sounds while sleeping, breathing, typing, walking, talking, meditating and in every other task. This universe behaves in accord to sound, frequencies, amplitude and phase shifts.

Just thinking about something never gives you what you desire. You have to work. During work, you attract certain situations by indulging yourself in certain tasks. If you have the desire to open up a business, you’ll search about business blogs. In return, your mind will behave as if you are a businessman. This gives you a broad understanding and karma for your future.

Without Past, there is no future. The present is an illusion but it is these moments that pass away and creates deeds, become past and creates probabilities for the future. As the time passes, a second, 5 seconds, 20 seconds, a minute, an hour, a day, a week then a month becomes a year, a decade, a century, an era, the complexity with past and time rises exponentially. As it rises with so much certainty but lack of control, we perceive our universe like it is unpredictable and we can’t predict the future, which is certainly not the case.

When I read the bible, I saw a big loophole. During sex, Adam tried to dominate himself on Lilith (his first wife before eve) and Lilith resisted him and said, “You can’t dominate me because god made us equally”. Lilith was the first woman, who showed a feminine side, strong behaviour, and mature thinking. Due to this incident, Lilith ran away from Adam. When God came to Adam and asked him what happened, Adam told him Lilith refused him. So, God created Eve as his 2nd wife. Here, God didn’t think about Lilith rather he sent 3 angels for Lilith to punish her.

(The loophole): God cannot listen to your thinking. It can only see what you do and only listen to what you say. We are so complex beings that, until you speak from your mouth, God is helpless. God acts on the frequencies, sounds and inherent behaviour of atoms of vibration.

(Today’s scenario): Facebook created 2 AI algorithms to talk to each other. At first, the researches were able to understand what they were saying but as time heads on, complexity rose. The 2 AI, with time, developed their language of communication, which researches weren’t able to understand. Even the algorithms got so complex that it was out of the human mind and hands to control it. So, they halt the project.

(Learning): The programs we make which don’t have their intelligence are just dumb programs. If you compare these programs with entities in the bible, you’ll find out that these are same as angels. Angels can’t work on their will. They only act upon the creator’s instructions, so do our dumb programs. Humans, on the other hand, are complex beings, just like AI we created, who act upon their own will. As complexity increases, God is unable to understand us, as are we when complexity increases in AI. So, God created some protocols under which we have to observe, act, and preserve ourselves. We’ll do the same for our created AI near in future. So, till AI tells you anything, you can’t predict what’s going to happen, same in case of God and Human. This is the reality.



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