If I remember correctly it was the time of April when summer season was just going to begin. Trees were rejuvenating with dark green leaves, flowers were blossoming, kids were out in the park playing and old people were once again feeling young.

It was this time when a girl who my friend, barely knew at that time, thought of talking to. She was beautiful, charming and her eyes were really sparkling. But beneath that fake facade was an insecure person, who at the time he barely knew about.

But as time went on, that uneducated personality came into the picture.


During the first meet, it was the end of February when he walked to her and said,

My friend: “Hey there!”

She: “Yes.” said with no reaction whatsoever

My friend: “You know there are 2 kinds of people in the world: One who talks openly and the other who rarely talks. So, my question is which one are you? The thing is it would save both our times if we clear it right now. :D” said with enthusiasm and a smile.

She: “I am currently typing a mail and it is urgent. So…”

My friend: “So, can we meet afterwards if you want to tell me then”

She: “I’ve to send this mail, it’s kinda urgent”

My friend: “Cool, have a good day” and he bid this goodbye and went to his work.

For like 1 month, he neither talked nor showed any interest, neither did she. But they often glanced at each other ignoring the fact they ever had a conversation because they were strangers, duh.



Now, let’s come back to this beautiful blossoming month of the year, April. So, it was 7:15 in the evening when he was leaving his office, tired and exhausted.

He bid his goodbyes to his seniors and was just leaving the premises when he had another eye contact with that same girl.

So he went to her, a little nervous for obvious reasons, and this is how the conversation began –

My Friend: “Hey, remember me? We met like 1 month ago but you didn’t answer my question :)” with a little nervous but smiling.

She: “Hey!”, while typing on the phone, “Yeah, hmmm, I guess the right answer would be the first one. Wait, please repeat what was the question again?”, said with a little curiosity but with confidence.

My Friend: “The question was – there are 2 kinds of people in the world: One who talks openly and the other who rarely talks. So, my question was which one are you?”

She: “Oh! No, no. I am the 2nd one.”

My Friend: “ok. cool, hmm, so you don’t like to talk? yeah, ok…”

She: “Yeah, but what did you want to talk about?”, said with an open attitude and looking into his eyes.

My Friend: “Nothing, just casual, hello, hi :D”, smiling for no reason, dude.

He was just leaving when she…

She: “Ok. hmm. So, what’s your name?”, said while smiling and again looking at him.

My Friend: “My name is ****. What’s yours?”

She: “My name is ******.”

My Friend: “Ok, cool. So, we’ll meet again, Oh, no! we can’t because you don’t wanna talk again. So, no problem. Have a good night :D”

She: “yeah”, looking at her phone, no reaction whatsoever.

And he left from there and went back to his home.



It was the next day when, to his surprise, there was something unexpected waiting for him. Just before his office hours were going to finish off, one of the company’s HR asked him to come and visit them.

To his surprise, the message was already circulated in the Company’s team group and without his side of hearing, his character, image, personality, and whatnot, all were done before he knew.

The judgements were there. Some of the colleagues had already given him some bad entitlements.

Even though, the HRs working there were, without his side of hearing, had already judged him for something he never did. Why? Because her company’s CEO sent my friend’s company’s CEO this, only God knows what and how she told them about the conversations,

“Hello Sir,

I would like to inform a complaint against one of your staff named **** who is mentally harassing by passing comments, teasing, & showing interest in our employee which is very awkward for her to face the situation. 

This is the second time she faces this situation. Hopefully, that will not repeat again from **** from onwards.  It’s our humble request that kindly looks into the matter and take some serious steps in this regard to improve his conduct and behaviour.

Read n call me.”

It was like the most astonishing situation when these 2 meets were given the entitlement of:

  1. mentally harassing,
  2. passing comments,
  3. teasing.

I don’t care about the grammar but this CEO actually needed to look up to the words he is using. Oh my! Mine and my friend’s stomach actually started hurting, due to laughing, after going through those words. Lol, that so-called CEO, actually used the words “mentally harassing, passing comments, teasing.”  Seriously?

He didn’t even care to look into the dictionary once. If you are reading, so-called CEO and the girl, my and my friend’s humble request to you both would be, just once in your lifetime, to open up the dictionary.

If you don’t have the time, I would like to be a reference for you. Here are the meanings of these words:

  1. Mental Harassment:Mental or emotional harassment, better known as workplace bullying, occurs when someone is threatened, intimidated, humiliated or otherwise verbally abused in a way that interferes with one’s work at his or her place of employment.
  2. Passing Comments: “An incidental remark. obiter dictum. comment, remark, input – a statement that expresses a personal opinion or belief or adds information.
  3. Teasing: “Intended to provoke or make fun of someone in a playful way.”

So, read the above 2 meets careful and let’s play the game, “Spot the situations”.

If you find even 1 of the 3, kindly mention it down in the comments below. My friend would be happy to apologise to you and the girl personally.

“Kindly just don’t make fool out of yourselves, Sir and the lady”.The biggest fall for him was when his own colleagues lost trust in him. Apart from the colleagues who personally knew him, all others started judging. This is how narrow-minded the world is.


He had a normal conversation with her and he was entitled to those strong negative words. All of which had no relation to the situation in real life.

If, the readers have guts, go and cross-check this conversation. WE DARE YOU!

Some more realistic and higher case situation

And, this is not the only situation. There are many false Mental harassment cases. The play with the words is shifting so drastically that people using these words don’t even know their real meaning.

A while ago, a guy name Sarabjeet, from Delhi, was accused of mentally harassing a girl. The girl allegedly filed a case against him. She didn’t appear in the court for 3 whole freaking years during which actresses and politicians supported her for taking a stand for herself.


It was the 4th year when the real judgment came in and the boy was PROVED INNOCENT. It was a false case that took 4 WHOLE FREAKING YEARS of his life.


Because she was a girl and he was a boy. And the mentality is, of the uneducated minds, that the guys are always culprits. Please, grow kiddos. Stop judging someone on one’s sex and start treating him/her as a human.

A girl could be a culprit, SO DOES A BOY! A girl can be a victim, SO DOES A BOY!


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