Hey, my name is Garry and I am a human. Today I was thinking about what’s life and, as a matter of fact, it’s neither an easy and nor hard question. This question demands an answer depending on the lifestyle u choose to live in.

The career, jobs, finances, societal aura et al, these all are just secondary terms to balance life on a relative scale. These things just weigh the life in explicit terms which doesn’t count that much when valuing the belief system and behavior that is inside you.

I don’t consider it worthy to pollute our mind and, heart and soul with these trivial aspects. Instead, I’ll choose way beyond this and talk about the stuff which shapes persona, mental health, mentality, lifestyle, and all those crucial aspects which help in shaping an entity.

I may or may not be wrong but I felt like I should share my views.
If I had to raise myself again I would definitely follow my life in the following manner.

1) Consciously, don’t take life seriously:

You may get coerced to choose your career as soon as you can so as not to waste your time but the thing is there’s actually a flaw in this very perspective. We have to waste our time in finding what we actually love. We may call it a waste of time but actually, it’s just a short investment.

Rather choose something and doing it for the long term and not having satisfaction, you should just go for exploration. But there’s a caution, as there are way too many careers to lost in, just have a time constraint at hand.

2) Behavior before career:

Ever wondered why the people who are raised in the poor and raw environment become superb and extraordinary leaders? Yeah! Because they’ve faced some really harsh surroundings and peoples and they’ve been crushed so many times that today they don’t feel a thing.

There’s a reason why army training, sports training, and training itself is so demanding of your sweat and blood. There’s a reason why those difficult times of your life demand so much of your awareness and fortitude. Suffer today and live unaware tomorrow but present in the moment.

3) Stop comparing to others:

You are a human and that’s important. You are better or worse human that’s not important. If you want to develop relatively, your competitors and competition will always be outside you (relative to other humans/characters).

You will never be able to develop beyond your circumambient and your observation.
If you actually want to develop and entertain your life in a way that you feel excited about, you should start looking inside you.

There’s a reason why Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Saitama, Fairy Tale’s Natsu Dragneel, Goku, et al are way more powerful than their enemies and counterparts. They just believe in what’s inside, and what’s pumping their emotions are merely self-strengthening motivations.

They don’t even think about weighing up with others. They’re just so entertained by their own future-self that they serenely and contently work on themselves.
They don’t even feel prevailing sentiment because they know that’s just rubbish and will take them straight to misery and melancholy.

4) 1 rule, “Appearance fools”:

It’s just appearance fools and we give way more importance than it, appearance, deserves. You may read this and 100 more articles but the fact is, even after knowing, we still feel in aww, intimidated yet surprised by the beauty.

We just can’t ignore that the most beautiful person from outside might be a witch inside.
This is the biggest reason why industries work today as they do.

So, I would just suggest that if I had to rewrite my life, I would’ve happily ignored the beauty of the outside but had accepted and sought after for the character and behavior.

5) Find your insecurities:

Mind my words, your worst enemy is ignoring your insecurities. If you won’t focus on your insecurities, I assure you after a certain period of time, you’ll be living a life of no self-control, no decision making, no discipline, a full emotions oriented life, and lack of happiness. Don’t let those insecurities pass unnoticed. You must sit down and accept your insecurities and do something about them.

Today, you may be able to control them but tomorrow when somebody else gets hold of them, you’re just gonna be their puppet and nothing else. You’ll wanna die but won’t do it because somewhere inside you is the kid who wants to do certain things but you know you’ve done a big mistake by ignoring your insecurities and not doing anything about them.


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