Hello anime fans, I, Garry, with warm applause welcome you to this wonderful review. The review you’re so demanding and excited about. I had so many requests on, if I’ve watched this anime show, I must review it.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s begin. Shall we?

He, a monstrous guy, running at hypersonic speed with god-like herculean and thunderous power with a touch of nincompoop. You may win by wit and intelligence but when it comes to strength, my my, he’ll surpass you like you ain’t worth nothing.

One punch and you dead.

(With a little symphony in the background, pommm, pomoooouuu)

Behold, here comes the bride, the one and only, the nightmare of our beloved friend, Goku, “One punch man Protagonist, SAITAMA!!!”

Till now, only two seasons of One Punch Man have been released but the fan base has only started growing. I’ll give a little glimpse of what happened in the first 2 seasons, rest assured you gonna love the series.

Season 1

In the first season, it was all about getting into an organization, the so-called Hero Organisation. It was all about who’ll reach the top with juvenile powers and with ingenious minds. Believe me, most of the lower class so-called Heroes were just a bunch of maniacs with a bit wet behind the ears.

This series is full of sarcasm, fights, our loving good guy turns bad, and whatnot. What I really enjoyed in the first season was the worst side of Garo, our main antagonist. I think he might be the only one, apart from S class #1 guy, who just might be able to beat Saitama.

Just because of Garo, Saitama is my second favorite. He is perspicacious, full of zest, young, prescient during a fight, mature, and in pain. He has no one for him, just alone and he’s enough.

I, you, and our fellow members might not be strong, like Saitama, but there are things I’ve learned from him. This way, follow me:

  1. If you want something in life, sacrifice everything if you have to and the Universe will work for you to have that in your life.
  2. If you believe in yourself and put in enough time, effort, and energy, you shall have it.
  3. You can always improve. You may learn everything that is needed to get the work done, but there are many things that you still don’t know you can do. Knowledge is omnipotent, vast, and never-ending. So, always crave knowledge, improve and grow.
  4. Never underestimate your enemy (One of the Teachings given by Ravana to Laxmana).
  5. Find a worthy teacher, just not any but the one who is proficient and has great knowledge of one specific. He’ll teach you like no other person.

Season 2

In the second season, we’re now into the organization but what now? So here comes the gravity of thought. What about the worst-case scenario, behold “THE UNDERWORLD, Monster Organisation!”

I enjoyed the fights but I think the storyline in this season was a bit off the mark. I, still, am crazily excited about the Season 3 of One Punch Man because, somewhere in my heart, I believe it is gonna be way much better.

Till now the storyline was good, but I believe after reading the reviews, the story writers must’ve given a little thought for the 3rd Season.

Anyways, Season 2 was much of a getting into the hell kinda show. It gives goosebumps when Garo,(Bro, Big Fan this side) fights face-to-face, full of guts and wit, with some other over-the-mark heroes, we can say “worthy opponents”.

Saitama too, being a cheerleader in Karate matches (like not literally, duh) was, too, playing with some dimwits. It was good to watch but somewhere I felt like the fights, apart from the last one, could be a little more intense.

Apart from all the little intricacies, this season packs immense excitement, joy, entertainment, and at the very least – fun.

My final conclusion

This was a hell of a series and I, Garry, definitely recommend you watch this series because this is worth it.

Why I wrote this review?

I love blogging and write reviews just for fun. Writing is my second life and believe me or not,

“It’s fun!”

just like Saitama became a hero just for fun.

Want to read more recommendations? I have many reviews already here and more are coming.

Feel free to jot down in the comments what thoughts you have after watching this hell of an anime show.

Have a good life, stay safe, and don’t forget to turn on the notifications!

Thank you very much for reading. Appreciate it.


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