When you talk about the anime series, we anime addicts have the best series on the line. You may heed for the best anime series of all time but when you actually come to see it, your vibe may leave you halfway as if why did you select this one?

I personally watch anime because it isn’t just a cartoon for me, or a source of r and r, but rather the one from which I get different emotional responses from myself.

Anger, sadness, misery, strength, happiness, nostalgia, crying, tickling and there are way more emotional responses which I discovered about myself when I watched anime and read different novels and books.

I’ve understood the path of a lone rider and when you have a companion, but still, I am trying to understand what does it feel like to have an apprentice.

So, I actually decided to watch Assassination Classroom for two reasons:

  1. To have a teacher who acknowledges his/her student.
  2. To think like a teacher if I had an apprentice.

In fact, at the end of the series, Korosensei (the teacher) didn’t just remain the teacher of the students shown in the series but he became mine as well.

I always wanted to have a teacher like him, the one with wit, a little pervert side, strength but emotionally intelligent and who has an understanding of how to mould a student in a better way.

We, human beings.

We, people, are still learning but we’ve lost the understanding of companionship between our emotions and the skills we acquire through daily hard work. Somewhere down the line, we see people as mere pawns of our fingers and we lose respect for them.

Somewhere down the line, we mock them, being unaware of the challenges and hardships they’re facing in their lives. We forget the fact that even they are putting up masks just to make us smile because they know what it’s like to be bullied and beaten. They understand the significance of innocence that this world has shaped in a way to forget.

My main purpose of this review is not to tell “Assassination Classroom” is entertainment but, with an open mind, watch it like there is a teacher just for you. He is there teaching you life lessons and making you better every single day.

The Teacher

He was an assassin that was worthy of being a teacher and was a good human being from the heart. Coming from a dead life, walking through the famine in a warzone, he saw and understood life.

Strength, skill and death are the only truths in one’s life to rely upon.

This anime series is not just a series but a path on which one may set his life up.

Our Journey

It is just so better to watch the journey we had with ourselves throughout the year. And when you look back at what you were, you say to yourself, “I believed and here I am, withered in dust but having beautiful friends, strong minds and goals that shall make my tomorrow more worthy of living and today more pleasant for a memory.”

So here we are, my friends. For you, I’ve some questions and if even one of your answers is yes, you should definitely watch Assassination Classroom:

  1. Did you ever want to have a teacher that embraces your flaws but there’s no one?
  2. Did you ever want to learn the emotional side of a human being because you know it is more important than any other skill?
  3. Do you believe respect comes before strength?
  4. Do you believe better moral values are needed to live a life?
  5. Do you believe skill can be acquired but a teacher is the one who teaches you the way of life?
  6. Do you believe a teacher should better understand his/her student just to have some deeper connection?


This series taught me so much in some hours that my teachers couldn’t in their semiannual teaching. I believe you’ll learn just so much that you’ll come back here and say thank you to recommend such an anime.

I believe it’ll be worth your time. We’ll meet soon. 😀

Care me to review more anime series, jot down in the comment section below.

Have a great day ahead, stay home and stay safe.



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