“Play dirty”, he said

So, I planned and set him up and boom, he’s done. It only took my bare hands, his neck and a strategy. Fyi he had a loaded gun.

This was a story of a kid who…

wait a minute, this is a review, pal, not a spoiler.

So, let’s start again. Shall we?

You ever thought about what would immense hard work do to you?

What if someone saw sky-high potential in you that you, being a protagonist, carve your future with cash loaded bags?

That would’ve been so awesome. Just like that this movie, uhmmm, this story is about a kid who wanted to get into…

wait what, now it’s getting on my nerves. NO SPOILERS, I said…

Ok, this time for serious. This movie actually wants to teach the spectators that life experiences play a crucial role than one gives thought to. It’s all about now, not the ages, not being the immortal or living thousand years but now.

This movie was based upon just one question, not part of a spoiler, “What’s the worst/best experience that taught you a life lesson which can entertain another person?”

And just to answer that question, our protagonist starts his journey from the bare floor of wood and carpet of his home to the world’s charming yet admiring place, “Las Vegas”.

It’s all about the power of now and the game of life. Even if you don’t consider this fact anyhow the reality is it’s all about how you talk through your mind. To talk by faking your facade and out bringing another person’s emotions is what a character is all about.

“If you can’t fake it, you’re too wide open to those who live in the wild.”

Watch through the eyes of a pessimist and this movie is shit but if watching through the eyes of an optimist then this movie is worth it, pal.

If it’s all about entertainment with your guys having a brewsky or just you alone, I can tell you this movie can be one hell of an experiment to watch.


After watching, I felt quite amused about how dangerous can our math teacher be if he is like him (antagonist of the movie). For me, it was a good time pass. It had all, money, girls, college, the thrill of winning, the pain of losing and luxury life, like everything.

Don’t have too much hype but this was a good movie for sure. It would be worth your time. 😀


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