Ever tried to live a life full of consequences? The moment you get a little off track, you are finished. You can’t be emotional and have to think practically all the time. Even if the right thing is to just tell the truth, you just can’t. It’s too risky because you have no idea what odds are on your side.

You might not be having a life-threatening situation but the time that values might run over you. You shall lose those precious moments which are going to give you an edge over the competition.

This is where this movie lies! Car chase, run, new identity, run, amnesia, run, action, thriller, survival, dispassionate, run, run, run. You can’t just speak the truth because, if you do, you are a target!

People on the high authorities would want to kill you if you find out they were the ones who pulled your life’s strings. They were the ones who killed your loved ones and made you a monster when you just wanted to be good.

People on higher authorities are grim and perspicacious. They don’t want to understand other person’s mentality. They might know already, so they play tactics to save their asses from busting in the public.

They play dirty politics and would go around the world to exploit all the resources they’ve. These movie series do not just create interest in the viewers, but also a sense of uneasiness as to what might happen next?

The entanglement with the storyline, the acting of the actors which never went off the track, the ear vibrating background music, video graphics editing, a little bluish and dark color in the movie give it way more contrast and feel.

People who label themselves with OCD, they’ll definitely love this series. The excessive orderliness, neat and relevant theme will surely bring their senses to life.

For all the public, you get a combo of a fully-loaded magnum of amusement, thriller, action, science, and brawls. The tussles of the protagonist, Jason Bourne, are just not from this world. If you actually want to look for an alternative to James Bond, hello JB fans, not just me but people who have watched this will assuredly push you to go watch this one.

I loved the whole series! If the director, cast, producer, or person from this movie’s crew is reading this blog post, I want to genuinely thank you for making such a great movie series.

This whole series comprises of the following, sequentially:

  1. The Bourne Identity

    Storyline: A man with a bullet-ridden body is found and looked after by strangers. He wakes up with a blank memory and begins a journey to learn his identity, unaware that the road ahead is full of danger.

  2. The Bourne Supremacy

    Storyline: When he is falsely framed in a CIA operation, Jason Bourne is forced to return to his old ways as an assassin, to figure out why they are still after him.

  3. The Bourne Ultimatum

    Storyline: Jason Bourne, a former CIA assassin who suffers from amnesia, sets out to track down a CIA official whilst trying to retain memories of a forgotten past.

  4. The Bourne Legacy

    Storyline: The US Department of Defense, which runs covert operations, offers stimulants to its field operatives for better results. When discovered, an English reporter plans to expose these secret activities.

  5. Jason Bourne

    Storyline: Jason Bourne, a former CIA agent, is drawn out of hiding by CIA director Robert Dewey. He then sets out to discover more about his past, family, and his father’s death.

Someone once told me,

“Action speaks louder than words.”

So, let me show just some of the achievements these movie series have made.

The budget of the whole series was $490 million and what it generated in revenue was far more than triple it.

According to Wikipedia, the movie grossed over $1.637 billion in revenue, which is truly massive.

Overview of Bourne Series

Overall if you ask me, unquestionably, given time to them was worth it.


Don’t forget to jot down in the comments below about what do you think about this movie series! Would love to read it.


Why futz, bro?

Stay safe, stay healthy and live life to the fullest.


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