There was a time when nobody existed in the time and beyond, but one.

With the Godlike powers, it said, “Let there be light and the light was there. Let there be the land, moon, and the heavens, and they came by its holy words. Let there be life on land and water and the sky, and there were land animals, marine life, and birds. Let there be the life of a man and his better half, a woman and they were there.”

After a huge lapse in the time, there came the year 1687 when Sir Newton published his theory, “Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica” when everything changed.

After some years, one of the greatest minds of all time came in Albert Einstein who explained the vast phenomenal principles of the universe and the idiosyncratic gigantonormous dances of the alive stars and the dead stars (black hole).

And then some more years later into the oblivion, the Hawking radiation came into the picture which explained what happened to the information which goes into the unending sight of a black hole.

Time after time, life, mainly humans, has challenged the consciousness of the universe itself to rethink if it should’ve made humans or not.

It was this entity who embraced time so viciously that it went too far to exceed its own limits and challenge what is being known, now, as, “the arrow of time”. This may seem like the most sci-fi-made story or something but one thing is for sure, this turned out to be the last invention of humankind.

This book cum simple sci-fi novel is about an individual who actually created mankind’s history and went into the riddles of dancing waves of light and time. He didn’t know at the time but it was meant to go wrong to go right.

He tried to play with time because he thought he had a bee in his bonnet but he forgot it was, “The Pandora’s Box”

Book: 24The Last Invention

by Garry Bamrah


“Knock, knock”, came from the door beside him. He was writing a thesis on time travel and beyond when his girlfriend, Sarah, came into his room. He was sitting on a brown chair with one arm on the armrest and the other hand holding one of his papers. In front of him, there was a study table with physics and mathematics books on it and a Mac lying on the right side. He was re-reading the papers published by Albert Einstein, Michio Kaku, Richard Feynman, Max Plank, Stephen Hawking, Erwin Shrodinger, and others.

Below the cool blue moonlight, he was wearing shorts, a white t-shirt, and a turban on his head.

Sarah: (yawning)”What you doin’ at this time?”. She was wearing a blue nightdress, with her curly messed up hairs hanging beside the shoulders. The messed up blonde hairs were adding more charm to her face

“I was just writing my thesis that we’ve to submit on Monday.”

“Why don’t you come over to my room? It’s Thursday tomorrow and it’s too late now, write it then in the afternoon”, asked Sarah in a soft voice.

“I can… but…”, said in a trembling voice while lost in thoughts.

“But what?”, said in a worried voice, “What happened, Garry?”

“I’ve got this feeling that we can travel through time but we need just one thing.”

Smiling at him, “Come on Garry, it’s 12:30 in the morning.”. She started hugging him from the back, “Do it tomorrow, dear, we have enough time”.

As he was going to stand up an epiphany struck his head, “What if I can build it and let it do the work? But what if it isn’t worth the risk. But just what if it is?”

Wow! That was the most dangerous yet the most awesome epiphany that can ever come to a person. It was December 2, 2021, and it was already happening and it was already shown in the blockbuster movie, “Avengers – Endgame”. He didn’t know at the time but in 24 hours, it was going to be doomsday for his life.

“Are you coming or not? Or we can chill tomorrow if you are busy.”, she said.

He said nothing because he was actually very much into this epiphany that came to him. It was this moment when he saw this equation, again, wrote by Mr Michio Kaku, one of the famous physicists of all time, “The God Equation” and gasped and said, “The hell with it. It is possible and I can make it true.”

She was a little irritated but was confused too as she wasn’t understanding what the hell he was talking about.

“What is possible?”

“I can make time travel possible.”, said Garry.

“And I can make Pizza without a microwave. Haha, You are kidding, right?”. She can’t make a freaking pizza without a microwave, LOL. But nobody can, Ahh.

“No! We, actually, have all the tools we need to make it possible. We just need them to work in a certain way and, voila, it’s done.”

She was excited and curiously asked, “So, how many months or years would it take to make it happen?”

“Not months but hours.”, he said.

What the …? How many hours???”, she was trying to stop her laugh.

“Approximately 24 hours“, he said.

“So, the whole mankind is kinda stupid. It took them centuries to figure out some physics and mathematics equations and now, you are saying here, in this room full of moonlight, that you can make a freaking time machine in just 24 HOURS???”, she was still shocked.

“Yes!”, he said with a confident voice.

Sarah, silently sat on the chair beside him, making eye contact she said, “If you say you can, I believe you and I won’t disturb you for the next 24 hours. If there’s anything I can help you with, let me know and let me make you a cup of Blue Tokai black coffee.”

She left the room to make coffee and he went back to the work. It was the time when he looked at the clock and the time was 00:58.



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