Tik Tok, Tik Tok, Tik Tok…

In the silence of the night, while he was working, the background noise of the clock was making him thinking more hardly. Indeed, we can’t control time but what if we can challenge it.

What if we can challenge the very essence of it? We know that the photons, particles that makeup light, are not affected by time. They have incessant energy and we’ve no idea how photons can prevail.

Meanwhile, he was hanging between the two belief systems, devised by his mind that if time travel was even plausible or not.

These were the beliefs on which discoveries were being made. No matter how impossible something seems, it becomes possible when one makes up the mind to make ends meet.

From the beginning of our human ancestry, we’ve seen our forefathers and their forefathers that they don’t do all the work themselves. They make the tools that make the task child’s play.

From magnets to telephone, from automobiles to aeroplanes, from hand-made fans to ACs, from the very mobile phone you are reading on to the server handling supercomputers. All inventions were based on the fact to accomplish tasks at the hand easily.

It was a high time when he needed to decide whether he wants to believe that it’s possible or it would be a time wastage? This was the second when he had to see the future in a way that is more inspirational and bears some meaning.

This was the time when nobody would believe him, for obvious reasons, but himself.

So, he decided to give it a shot. His strategy was to not create a time machine but a machine that can create one.

When he was thinking it thoroughly he asked himself, “What if I failed? What if I succeed? But, whatever man, I neither have greed to succeed nor fear of failure. I am just thrilled by the fact that what if I create an Artificial General Intelligence with ample data storage, in which I feed the data I needed, it would then process it and …”

“Knock knock”

He, “Yes, dear,” said calmly

“Baby, coffee is ready! Do you want to come downstairs or drink it here with this chaos of papers and files and scattered pages and … ?” She was switching her focus between scattered pages and him and scattered files and him and this went on for a second.

“Please respect my pages. These are the ones who are going to help us to feed ourselves in the future. Sure, we can go downstairs and why don’t you bring some cookies with them, dear. I know it’s kinda late but, hehe, if we are drinking coffee then” said with shivered voice, “we can eat some cookies, right?”

She, staring at him, “Yeah, sure, ok. I know you love ‘Hide and Seek’ cookies. Fine, I’ll bring them to the table but no more scientific talks there. Do you agree, Mr Garry?” said with a taunting voice.

“Yes, Señora de inmenso encanto”. Obviously, he was using an overpraising voice. Who doesn’t love cookies? They are delicious because they are chocolaty, with choco chips inside and have so wonderful sweet taste. They are tastier when dipped into coffee and… yum, they are so holy moly delicious.

It was 1:35 in the morning when they were sitting at the table in the centre of the kitchen, aimlessly sipping on the coffee. Bunch of kiddos in their mid-20s living together enjoying science and life.

He still remembers the time when he first met her. It was in the school when he first saw her. She was wearing a school uniform, but, man, she was looking like a princess in it. Yes, the friendship is older than the relationship but it was worth it.

He looked at her feeling how lucky he was to have her but the situation was different. She was angry at him. He didn’t know at the time so he asked her,

“What happened, darling? Why are you so angry with me. I promise I’ll clean up the mess I’ve at my table.”

She, “You moron!!”, shouting at him, “Do you think I care about what you have up there?”, no doubt she was having the urge to kill him. She, for sure, was no joke when this side comes up of her.

“Sarah, what’s going on?”



“How can you forget that today is my birthday”


“aha… aha, no, no I… I was gonna wish you. How can I forget your birthday, Sarah?”, he was pretending to be scared.

“Liar”, said Sarah

He, now buttering her, “Oh baby!”, the hell with coffee, cookies, and time travel. Oh, no, not time travel!.

“Baby, Happy birthday! Babe, how can I forget it. You were the most beautiful thing that ever happened to me in my whole life.”, it was being romantic in there.

While she was a little angry and looking away, he put his hand in his pyjama’s back pocket and fetch a small box. It was wrapped in red paper with maroon stripes making a knot above it.

“My love, open it”, he said with a smile on his face.

She had tears in her eyes, of joy, and looking at him she realized how lucky she was too.

The anger she was having faded away in nowhere in an instant.

*kratch kratch* –  wrapper tearing sounds.

She opened the box and there was a ring. Man, he was gonna propose to her!

Garry, “Sarah, you are the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me. You loved me, hated me, we had distances but somewhere we both knew we’ll be together. And, here, we are. You know you are the most important part of my life.”

With some tears in his eyes and with a deep voice he proposed, “Sarah Cerny, will you marry me? Will you be my hide and seek cookies, my coffee, my heart, and my life partner?”

She lost her breath for a second. She was overjoyed, overwhelmed, excited, mad, happy, and crying all at the same time.

She, “Yes, yes!! Oh dear God!!! Yes, Garry, yes!”

Looking into his eyes, she said, “I, Sarah Cerny, will marry you and I want to live my whole life with you. Oh my God! You remembered my birthday and you were going to propose. Oh boy, come here!”.

They hugged and then they kissed each other’s lips with so much love that even the gods and goddesses will envy their intense love at that moment.

The clock’s tik, which felt like a prickle in his ears before, now felt like a sweet symphony. It was like the most romantic music he ever heard and lived.

Everything was beautiful and just perfect.

But the time was running out. Someone was waiting and was watching them, fearlessly and without making any noise, through the window.

Someone was there…


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