On the kitchen table, she sat and they started making love to each other. He held her waist with one hand and with the other, her neck. They were kissing like there was no tomorrow.

It was like heaven came to earth in the form of their love. He progressed from kissing her forehead, her ears, cheeks, her nose tip to her lips, biting and teasing her. In the cold blue moonlight, both were lost in each other’s love, intensely.

He picked her up, while they were kissing each other, he took her, up the stairs, to the bedroom. He sat her on the bed, uncovering her moon bathe beautiful frame. While he was embracing her soul with his eyes she started unbuttoning his loosely wore shirt.

She was just going to unbutton the 3rd button when the doorbell rang.

“Ding Dong”

They were a little surprised. They looked at the wall clock and the time was 02:20. They weren’t expecting anyone as of this time. He went to his closet and grabbed his pistol. It was a Silver Metal Schofield No. 3 Revolver. 

She looked through the window, seeing if anyone in the neighbourhood was pressing any notorious prank while he went downstairs.

He got to the main door and looked through the peephole but found no one. He opened the door and everything was sound and clear. No one was there. He felt a little cold breeze sliding beside his neck.

He found no one, so, he closed the door. To his astonishment, there was someone already inside the house. Some person was standing at his back.

Garry moved around and pointed the gun at him.

“No need to point the gun at me, Garry”, the stranger said.

“What the ?? How do you know my name? Who are you and how did you enter my house?”, questions were arising, tension was unbearable and this stranger was no close to anyone Garry was expecting.

“When did you enter my house?”, asked Garry.

“Time is relative, my dear. It doesn’t mean if it’s a minute for you, it would be a minute for me too.”, said the stranger. To Garry, the stranger’s voice was oddly familiar.

“What exactly do you mean by that?”

“Wait for it. You’ll get all the answers, that’s the beauty of the time itself.”

The stranger was wearing a black hat, a black shirt with a black trench coat, black pants, and Chelsea leather black boots. His face was covered with a black handkerchief. He was almost about the same height Garry was.

“What’s your business here in my house?”, asked Garry managing his aggression.

“I want to know if you’ve started it or are going to start”, asked stranger

“What are you talking about?”

“I am talking about Artificial General Intelligence.”

What? How did he know? Who the hell is he? Garry was scared, aggressive, and pissed. He had a pistol in his hand and he could shoot him right away but his conscience was telling him otherwise. He was against any foolishness, he could go for, dipped in emotions.

“I have no idea what you are talking about.”, Garry said making eye to eye contact with him.


“I ain’t lying.”

“What if I tell you that you will accomplish your dream?”

“You know nothing about my dream. I don’t even know you, so, stop this nonsense at once. Get out of my house right now! Either I am going to shoot you right here or calling the cops. The choice is yours.”

“I want you to make it for me. Either you make that time machine or …”

“Or what? What the hell will you do?”, pissed and pointing his gun at him.

Meanwhile, Sarah was perturbed by what was happening downstairs. Their loud conversation and her fiance’s shouting were making her uncomfortable and worried. She wore one of his shirts, from his wardrobe, and came downstairs.

“Garry, who is this guy?”, she asked.

The stranger looked at her. She looked at him. In his eyes, she saw pain with an urge to shed tears behind those soul windows. He was staring at her, intensely which was making her feel ill at ease. She could see the cry, the moaning, and the pain of someone lost in the stranger’s eyes.

“Go upstairs, dear. I’ll meet you up in a moment while I finish this man’s business.”

“You are going to make the time machine, Garry. There’s no other choice for you.”

“Time machine? Are you mad?”, she said with a calm voice, “Listen, this isn’t the right time to pull a kid’s prank, strange guy. Come tomorrow afternoon and we’ll think of something for you. Whatever your business is, we’ll discuss it tomorrow. It’s very late right now, so you should go, I believe.”

“I don’t have time till tomorrow, Sarah”, the stranger said.

“How do you know my name?”, she asked, shocked.

“Listen, whoever you are!”, Garry was shouting, “Get the hell outta here this very moment or you are dead, for God’s sake”.

“I won’t go until you agree to make me one.”

“No”, Garry pulled the trigger, bang”.

“Ahhhh!!”, Sarah screamed.

The stranger dodged the bullet-like nothing. For the first time in life, Garry felt something truly sinister. The stranger was nowhere near the place he was standing just a moment ago. When Garry found him, he standing at the back of Sarah.

“It was a mistake, Garry”, said stranger, “You are going to make me the time machine this very day but, anyway, you are going to pay for what you just did.”

The stranger grabbed a knife from his left pocket, with his right hand pulled Sarah’s neck towards him, “I am not going to ask you again because I’ll give you no other choice now.”

“Please don’t. Don’t do that!”, Garry said.

Sarah felt a shiver through her body. He pulled her a little more closer, exhaled calmly, and thrust his knife through her left kidney.

“Noooo!!! Sarah!!! Noooo!!! Please God noooo!!!! Please noooo!!”

The stranger pulled his knife out of her body and stabbed her again. He did it two times, killed her but his eyes, something was odd about them… His eyes were full of tears.

Cold-blooded killers never repent for what they’ve done to someone but this guy was different. He was putting a mask in front of his grief.

Garry rushed from the main door towards her. Her body fell from the stranger’s hands in his arms. He was crying, moaning in grieve, and wanted to kill that bastard.

“I asked you politely but you refused. I gave you your share of respect but you chose to fight. You disrespected me.”

“Why did you killed her, bastard? Why??”

“You were weak and adamant with your decision. I wanted to liberate you from your emotional cage. I wanted to show you the power of what it’s like to lose everything. I wanted to show you what it’s like to be the God.”

“You are a mad man! You should f**ckin die”, said Garry while hugging his beloved’s dead body.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang”, Garry pulling his trigger, again and again, aiming for his forehead but he was moving, somehow, at supersonic speed. Actually, more than that.

“I have the power to bring her back to life. I still have the resources that can heal her body but I’ll give them to you on only one condition. As a matter of fact, you already know it”, said the stranger.

“What? Can you heal her? Can you bring her back to life?”

“Yes”, said the stranger

“I’ll make you whatever you want! Please bring her back to life! Please!!”, said Garry. He was sobbing and losing his breath.

“I can heal a dead body if it died in past 22 hours. Garry, You have exactly 22 hours more to make what I’ve asked you to or you will lose her forever”, said the stranger.

“Do you promise?”

“You have my word. I neither lie nor break promises. I’ll come back in 20 hours to check what have you accomplished.”, as the stranger was leaving he said, “Don’t disappoint me, Garry. This may be your last chance to save her.”

and he left him with a dead soulmate in his arms…

with the power of God and the mind of the Devil.



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