– – – – –

“Hey”, said Garry nervously

“Hello”, she said

“How are you doing?”

“I am fine. You tell, how are you?”

“I am fine too, thanks for asking. Which school are you from?”

“I am from Veteran International. It’s like 2 Kms from here.”, she said

“Ok, So,… was the school bad or something? why have you changed?”, he asked

“No,… the school was fine. My former school isn’t providing high school accreditation right now but the management has already applied for it. I am still on probation here so, if it gets accredited again, I can go back there.”, she said calmly, “But I don’t think they’re going to get accreditation soon, so maybe I’ll study here for next year or two”

“That’s fine. It’s good to have options at hand. But I assure you, our classmates here are very kind and helpful. If you stay here, no doubt, you’re going to have THE best 2 years of your life in here.”, he said, “Don’t worry, I got your back… ah, ahh… I mean, we got your back”, he started blushing and was still nervous.

Meanwhile, students started coming to the classroom.

So, he got up, wished her a good day, and went back to his chair. It was the first day of 2nd month of the session when he had this conversation with her. A month of training in front of the mirror and what did he speak? “hello”.

This went on for 3 months. They meet every day, say hello, and bid farewell to each other at the end of school.

One day, it was the games period. The teacher came into the class, assembled two lines of boys and girls, and brought them to the playground. This was the time when Garry saw a chance to have a decent conversation while she was sitting there waiting for her turn to play badminton.

“Hey there!”

“Hi”, she said while looking at him.

“Aren’t you gonna play?”, he asked

“Obviously, I am going to. I am waiting for my turn.”

“Cool. Would you like to have a match with me?”

“Umm… sure.”

“Great. I’m gonna win for sure.”, he said with sarcasm, waiting to hit back with some fighting spirit.

“Ok”, she said.

He was blank for like 2 seconds. He lost the vibe and started accusing himself of messing up the moment in his head.

“Hmm… Can I ask you something if you don’t mind?”, he asked.

“Sure, what is it?”

“Why did you chose to take science?”

“Well, mmm, I am curious about how things work. Mostly, I wonder how this Universe works the way it does. I am literally curious about everything that surrounds us. I love science because it gives me the reason for things I don’t understand. I want to know about the universe, stars, and everything. And also I am good at it.”

He felt goosebumps because he had the same vibe and the reasons. It could be a coincidence but even if it was, he wanted more of her now. Because, somewhere beneath their hearts and minds, they had similar reasons for their existence in the Universe.

They both loved science more than anything in their lives. They both were curious and had ample appetite to learn and gather as much knowledge as they can. They were both hungry for, literally, everything.

In conclusion, as of the present moment, they belong together. They were still in high school, wandering around craving for forbidden knowledge, but they also deserved to have each other.


A year had passed since her admission to the school and in that year, they became very good friends. In fact, they came close to each other in that past year. He was bad at grades but good at computers and astronomy. She was good at science, mathematics, and grades.

She wanted to become a scientist and he wanted to become a researcher. He was fond of time travel, galaxies, and black holes and for her, physics was life. If anyone asks about who’s the best in physics, her name would definitely top the list.

Anyways, it was the 8th of Sept and the last year in school. The exam just got over and it was 1:30 in the afternoon. Everyone was discussing the exam and stuff when he went to her, in front of everyone, he bowed down on his knees, pulled out the rose, and …

“To be honest, I love your vibe and style, and, man, you are so gorgeous. I just love everything about you, Sarah. I really love you. Will you be my girlfriend?”

Everyone was looking at both of them. He saw that she was a little embarrassed and she was silent and wasn’t speaking anything. Neither she moved nor spoke any word.

He knew he messed up everything, his friendship, a good relation, both their reputations in front of their friends, literally everything.

It was the time when the teacher was going to come. So, he got up and was just going to leave when,

“Garry?”, she said finally breaking the tensity and agitation.

“I am sorry, I didn’t think about it once how you’ll react. I am very sorry.”

“Yes.”, she was smiling.

“Wait… what?”, he was shocked but excited.

“I said Yes.”, she said, “Now, can we get out of here, right now?”, she was calm and smiling.

“Yeah, sure. whatever you want!”, and they left.

– – – – –

“It was so good back then. Everything worked out in the end. We had a future, and finally, we were living it together but you!”, he was moaning in grief, “You can’t contemplate our happiness. Can you, God? I want answers, God. I want f**king answers!!! Why did you do that to us? Why?”, he was in agony.

The situation was excruciating for him. He couldn’t cope up with what has happened and now he started inculpating himself.

“It wasn’t him who killed her. It was me! I killed her. I am responsible for her demise. I should be dead instead of her.”, his mental state was getting worse. The reasonable thoughts started diminishing and the regret and suicidal thoughts were taking their place.

It was the decision he had to take if he should be dead now or do something about it.

“I can heal a dead body if it died in past 22 hours. Garry, You have exactly 22 hours more to make what I’ve asked you to or you will lose her forever”, he recalled what the stranger said before leaving the house.

He was now responsible for either to bring her back or die with her.

His beloved’s corpse in her hands was agonizing him. The scenery of blood, spilt on the carpet and everywhere on the floor, was making him disgruntled. There wasn’t much he could do now. He had to accept this was how the present going to be.

Also, he was losing precious time. He had to bring himself together for what it’s worth. There was still a minuscule chance of bringing her back. Even if the odds were against him and the stranger was lying about her reincarnation, he didn’t have any choice to play around and overthink the scenario.

He had to take chances and decide, somehow, to start the process of making a time travel machine. He picked her up, slowly put her on the dining room’s couch, closed her eyes, put a blanket on her, kissed her forehead, and went to work.

It was already 03:45 in the morning. He took the coffee she made and “Hide and Seek” cookies from the kitchen and went upstairs. He knew what to do and he was clear how to do it.

He planned two different blueprints, one for AGI and one to push a human body till it breaks the light speed barrier. He understood the power of “Nothing to lose”. Nothing is impossible for an intelligent guy who knows how to get the work done and has nothing to lose.

He was on the way to kill the guy who killed his wife.

The mere fun of making the time machine had now become an obligation which was making him tense. But if human history is intimately observed, pressure is the root of all inventions. The urgency, which leads to immense intensity in concentration, has what brought humans everything they’ve right now.


The moon was gone and, now, it was a true black night filled with starlight.

He again remembers the day they met.

– – – – –

They went out of there and they were sitting at a dominos restaurant when she said,

“Happy Birthday, Garry”

“Wow! who told you that today’s my birthday?”, he asked

“Does it matter?”

“No, but…”

“Today is your birthday darling, so here, open your mouth, let me feed you a slice of pizza. and I love you too.”

“Please just sit like this. I want to capture as much of this moment as I can. I love you, Sarah, and I shall never leave you. I promise on my life”, his eyes were full of tears. They both were elated and enjoyed the day.

– – – – –

Looking back at the joyful moments doesn’t cost anything when one is having a good time. But when there is a tragedy going on, those evocations can, greatly, traumatize a person.

He was in pain, broken from inside and crying.

The cry was not of tears, but agony.


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