*flip, flip*

“Where is it? I just wrote it a month ago!”, he was hunting for something in his books and notes. “It could be in my laptop or my rough notebook. Let me remember, I might have given them to my Physics teacher for review.”

“But… Nah, I don’t think so. I don’t give my research papers to anyone because I know people would create pun from them.”, he often talks to himself, that’s another way of saying he’s either alone or being creative.

He went for his cupboard, looked into his laptop for softcopy, skimmed almirah, his clothes, and everywhere but, no luck.

Lastly, breaking the promise with her, he went for her nightstand. He opened it and it just melted his heart away.

– – – – – 

“Garry?”, she said

“Yeah?”, Garry said

“Would you promise me one thing before I come and start living with you?”

“Anything, my love, what is it?”

“Promise that… Promise me that you’ll never go through my things.”

“oho!! Now, I want to know what’s in your “THINGS”!!”, Garry said teasingly.

“Stop it!! These things are something precious to me. They’re a part of me and my life.”, she was a little emotional this time, “I’ll only move in with you if you promise me and give me someplace where I can put them.”

“Ok, if they keep so much significance in your life, I promise you that I won’t touch them.”, he said, “You can put them in the cupboard which is at the corner of the bed. Will that be enough for these things?”

“Yeah, it’ll do the work. Do you promise, Garry?”

“You have my word, Sarah. No worries, we are cool!”, he was curious but he knew he should respect her privacy.

– – – – –

4 years and it came to this day. He had never broken his vow but he had no choice. He was astonished as to what he found.

The whole collection comprised of their memories. It composed of high school love letters, shayaris, her memoir, and their photographs. At the end of the collection, he also located his 5 hypotheses, which he wasn’t aware of at the time, but using which he would change the course of the world of science.

While going through those letters, photographs, love poems, and her journals, he couldn’t stop more. He felt palpations, his mind halted, and emotions froze. Eventually, he allowed his emotions to flow and emptied his heart away into his hands.

After an hour of her death, at 4:40, he finally let those pent-up feelings out. His eyes went red, he was gasping, starving and his hands started shaking. He could listen to his heartbeats.

It’s a simple human nature. The more you forbid something from coming out, the more intense it shall be.

Those hypotheses could’ve made into theories if he’d the means to experiment. She kept them carefully for, if he ever needs them, she can give them back to him. She knew these research papers are his life but he was one hell of a careless guy.

His hypothetical research papers were in a folder with a label, “Mind boggling theories of all time!”. No doubt, when he said that he can make a time machine in 24 hours, she believed him. Even though he thought, at the time, he was saying too much, after going through the stuff he perceived that she was confident in him.

This instant he knew he can make a time machine, not because he might have a chance but because she believed in him. Who knew, her unconditional love had given him so much motivation and courage that, in the end, he’d achieve something beyond the humane limits.

Finally, he got up with his researcher papers, settled all the remaining stuff, and went back to work.

His emotions, which were roadblocks moments ago were now showing him a way of life. With that knowledge, he learned that even the most devastating emotions exist in one’s life to show the path to one’s soul. Time or distance doesn’t matter but the will to accept the circumstance and do what is necessary.

He got back to his desk, turned off the sleep mode of his laptop, opened some research papers and finally, uncovered his first research paper, ‘The Theory of Infinity’.

His 5 theories were based on some basic principles. One of them was, “The Universe is constant and not expanding”. His theory explained all the basic phenomena which lead to a misperception of the expansion of the universe.

With this one fundamental principle, he could then create a machine that can travel through space at phenomenal speeds exceeding that of light. But there was just one minor issue: he couldn’t figure out which chemical element to use. All the elements, natural or humane, were not capable enough to surpass the speed of light.

Subatomic particles were something that, certainly, researchers had tricked in LHC to travel at 99.99% of the speed of light, but one can’t use just particles to make a machine.

Hydrogen could be an exception because it is the lightest element in the universe, but it cannot make material due to its gaseous nature. Also, it is unstable as it only has 1 of 2 electrons in its outermost octet.

As he doesn’t know where to start, he decided to begin by creating the most basic AI model.

His idea was simple, create an AI learning model and let it learn from the world’s data by attaching it to Google’s server. Then create a new child model and let it learn from the previous one. Then create a last AI child model, which will learn from the previous ones and will itself create new AI child models when necessary.

This way, their successors would be much more intelligent, sensible, and efficient. The speed to create an AGI would be exponential and it would take mere hours to create a human-like AI.

As per his skillset, he had hands-on experience in Assembly Language, chipset Programming, C and C++ Languages, and Python. He knew how to make Child learning models in Python and make them efficient using other Low-Level Languages.

He said to make an AGI in 24 hours but now he doesn’t even have that much time. It’s already five in the morning. The stranger will come at Eight in the evening and he only had 15 hours at hand.

No doubt, this wasn’t a game but his life and he had yet to accomplish the task.

Will he be able to make it or will he fail?

Nobody knows what the Universe was holding for these souls.

In the end, all he had was a little time and patience.


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