– – – – –

The second Semester was just commenced. Everyone started arriving from home and occupying their respective classes in optimism that this semester would at least be good. Everyone was getting together and talking about how they spent their vacations.

They were hoping for better teachers this semester otherwise, as always, self-study was going to be the only option. What good a teacher is if he or she can only speak the words but can’t comprehend what to say?

*BELL RANG* and the first lecture of the day started. 

The teacher was just going to arrive. Garry and Sarah were sitting together planning where they were going to spend the evening together. They could go to some party or the library.

Meanwhile, everyone was talking, the teacher came in, stood beside the dice and started speaking.

“Good Morning students, I hope you all are fine. My name is Amit and for this semester I’ll be teaching you Physics. I’ll be teaching you using different visualisations schemes and I believe you all are going to enjoy it.”

“As per my qualification, I’ve recently finished the second PhD in physics. The first one was in quantum mechanics which I achieved in 2017 and the other one this year. This one was on my favourite subject, black holes.”

No doubt, every student was fascinated. They perceived him as a Messiah who’ll lead them to heaven of Science and beyond. A teacher with such knowledge was not just a gift but a blessing in their lives.

Everyone knew such knowledge could only be acquired through perseverance, hard work and awareness of oneself.

It was the first lecture and the university blessed them with such a teacher. Garry could see all the students’ eyes. They were glaring with eagerness as to what’s coming their way this semester.

He continued, “I believe a teacher and a student’s relationship needs to be built upon trust, companionship, and honesty. So, I’ll ask everybody to acquaint themselves one by one. I want everyone to tell their names, hobbies, one belief of their lives, and life aim.”

“Let’s start then. First Student from the rightmost first bench, kindly please stand up. Tell us about yourself …”, and the one-to-one interaction started.

As the interaction was proceeding, everyone was enjoying his company. Everyone was smiling and cracking jokes resulting in a very cordial atmosphere in the class.

Then came Sarah’s turn, “Good morning everyone, my name is Sarah, and I am from Canada. My hobbies are playing basketball and reading astronomical books. If I’ve to share one of my beliefs I think it would be, ‘Knowledge and curiosity can give one such a beautiful life that bliss can never, i.e. a reason to live and enjoy life’.”

The teacher said, “Impressive and what shall be your aim, dear?”

“I want to become a theoretical physicist, Sir.”, said Sarah with a smile on her face.

“That is great. I hope you achieve what you came here for, dear. Please sit down. Next Student, kindly please stand up.”

“Thank you, Sir”, said Sarah while she was sitting down.

After her it was Garry’s turn, “Good morning everyone, my name is Garry, and I was born in Canada. My hobbies are playing chess and basketball. I am an avid reader of astronomical and quantum physics books and works. Sometimes, I like to solve coding problems.”

“It’s good to see a science student having an interest in computers as well. Good, Garry.”, said the teacher, “And what are your one belief and life aim?”

“Thank you, sir. I would say one of my beliefs would be, ‘Anything can be manipulated in the world if one is capable enough to grab its quantum.‘ And I want to become an astronomer, sir, because I love those things which are beyond human comprehension.”

“Thanks for the introduction, Garry. Please sit down. Next student.”

After 30 minutes of interaction, the teacher said, “Well-Done everyone, clap for yourselves that you’ve made this far and you’re going to achieve what you’re aiming for.

*clap, clap*

“So, it was nice one-to-one interaction. So, before proceeding with our subject I want to give you a very basic 5-minute overture. After these 5 minutes, I believe, you all shall be able to foresee what will be coming your way for this semester. “

“So, let’s start.“, said the teacher.

“I want all of you to understand some fundamental notions of this universe. I understand you all had tough times in your life, some would be facing right now, and some may face in the future. 

But there is one that needs to take care of. In any situation always remember, nothing is good or bad but only when both come together, an event takes place. This universe was one and to acquire the power, early humans devised a divide and conquer strategy which yielded in the division of subjects. 

They made good vs bad, excellence vs lazy, peace vs grief, class vs unpleasant, social vs anti-social, quantum vs the big world; region, religion, ethnicity, race and colour division; science vs spirituality, reason vs philosophy, etc.

I want you to know that everything in the universe is interconnected. It is this division that made people choose one half over the other which yielded them a poor life and instability. And this division, in human history, took place only to satisfy hunger for power.

Power, the most addictive drug in the universe. If one doesn’t have it, he or she would go beyond the seven seas to acquire it. With this person, the literate minds followed whereas the educated minds faced contradictions. This has what made us, humans, so narrow-minded in nature. 

My only motive, to tell you all this, was to teach one lesson. Never prefer one thing over the other. If you are learning physics, try to relate it with mathematics, computers, chemistry, literature, geography, philosophy, religion and everything else, including your own life experiences.

If you are facing a life problem, try to learn from it rather than running away from it. The same should be applied to other subjects.

If you do that, I assure y’all that you’ll have a much better understanding of the universe. Why?

It is because in this universe everything has originated from one and everything might collapse into one. So, everything you learn in one subject will definitely correlate, somehow, with others. This will not only make your knowledge base broad but also prosperous in creative thoughts. 

Anyways, this was just an opening lecture. I promise you, students, that if you’ll take equal interest in all your subjects, you’ll end up becoming much better scientists. Remember balance is key.”

Every student, including Sarah and Garry, were in awe as to what they just witnessed. A teacher with a serene mind and scientific and philosophical knowledge showing a way to one’s life is just what one needs.

– – – – –

It started snowing outside while Garry was remembering those moments with his teacher. He was building the AGI based on what his teacher taught him, “Oneness”.

He compiled and tested the code but it failed. The execution time was taking way more than the amount he predicted.

But something was unusual because, when he tested again, the time execution dwindled by half. He wasn’t expecting such a pace shift but there it was. A sudden loss of halftime in the second execution was just incredible.

He again tested it and the execution time again fall by half. He was confused, “What was happening? How such a pace shift was happening. It was good but how?”

He looked at the code and recognized that the code for emotions resembled much with memory one. As per the conclusion, maybe the algorithms of emotions and memory are somewhat similar with a few changes.

He altered the code so that the complex structure is intact and executed it again. At first, it took the same large amount of time, then it started taking consecutive halves as it did previously.

After half an hour of testing, the algorithm executed in less than 5 seconds, which was mind-boggling for him. It was motivating but also alarming.

He was thinking what if the AGI got so intelligent that even he couldn’t control it. Although the human mind has limits of learning, AGI was only dependent upon the hardware. Once it accesses the supercomputers and immense Petabytes of server, it could then be able to control the whole internet ecosystem.

He started writing another AI child model which will first store the outcome of previous AI and then grabs new knowledge. This will improve its learning patterns and pace. Not only will this make the new one more intelligible but also a step closer to human-like AI.

The idea was simple, evolution.

It doesn’t matter how much one learns, the next generation will always be advanced than its predecessors.

As a matter of fact, he took the risk and continued writing the code just when he heard his doorbell rang.

The clock was ticking at seven in the morning. He looked outside the windowpane at the main door, but there was no one.

The stranger was not going to come until eight. So, who was there?

It was the answer he himself had to find out.


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