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Sub: Our Universe is a static universe not dynamic.

Thesis Name: The Theory of Infinity

By: Garry

A thought experiment: Imagine you have two plastic boxes. In one of them, there is a magnet and in other, there are iron filings or iron nails. When you bring those boxes near each other, magnet residing in Box1 will attract iron filings or nails of Box2. This will always happen because the magnetic field of the magnet will penetrate the walls of the Box

Relating this with our Universe: Universe’s outer boundary behaves like a magnet (not a magnet), and its inside material behave like iron nails (like galaxies).

Every Universe exerts a field on another Universe to attract the matter residing inside it.

For example,

our Universe has a field of its own (Dark Energy) which influences another Universe and tries to attract the inside material of other Universe. Also, the second Universe will behave similarly and has a field of its own which will influence our Universe, which will attract matter, like galaxies, of our Universe. This field that one universe has to attract material of others is known as Dark Energy. Because the matter will be pulled by other universes, this will result in a visual phenomenon known as redshift. So, the species of both Universes will, inaccurately, comprehend that their respective Universes are expanding (which is not the case).

Now to resist the field of every Universe, a Universe has a verse saving mechanism that it will bring its inner matter closer with its force. This force is known as Dark Matter. Einstein was right. There is a value to Cosmological Constant, which is not equal to 0, that can explain why our Universe behaves like it is right now.

Another part is One Universe is surrounded by several other universes which results in a closed-loop. Imagine that as a 3D Grid where vertices are universes. This shows that field from every corner influences every other universe it is acting on, resulting in a uniformly seen redshift of galaxies.

Conclusion: Following points are the result of the above thesis.

  1. Dark Matter is not a matter but the force that a Universe generates for its inside material.
  2. Dark Energy is not a matter but field that a Universe generates to attract another Universe’s matter.
  3. Every Universe is a static universe meaning they all will expand and after a limit, they shall stop.
  4. Every Universe is surrounded by several other universes resulting in a Multiverse.
  5. A Universe is not a balloon but a bubble so it won’t show the property of contraction which means it won’t contract again at one point once expansion has occurred.
  6. The universe cannot contract because the gravitational force exerted by matter inside it is not enough to converge the whole universe at one single point.
  7. This also answers why the Hubble telescope shows us redshift of galaxies wherever we see in the sky.
  8. Universe1’s matter can be manipulated by another Universe (Universe2) but not the Universe1 itself. So, one Universe cannot expand or contract another Universe but interfere with the matter inside.
  9. Expansion is the property of Space itself not the result of Dark Energy.
  10. Einstein was right about Cosmological Constant. It was not a blunder. Cosmological Constant (Λ) must have some value.


The questions this thesis answers:

  • What is Dark Matter?
  • What is Dark Energy?
  • Is our Universe expanding?
  • Does Multiverse exist?
  • Will big crunch, big rip or big freeze happen?
  • Do we need cosmological constant?

If you have any suggestions regarding this hypothesis, write to us in the comment section below or feel free to message me in person at [email protected]. 🙂

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