Once upon a time, there was you who was stuck in a room. No food, electricity, food, water and companion. Nothing you had but the wishes you wanted to fulfil. So, what you do?

You might find a bucket, a wire, a dustbin, an empty plastic bottle, phone batteries and what not? But the question is still, “WHAT YOU GONNA DO?”

You make a plan of action, execute it and fail. Alter it, execute it, failed. Do it over hundred times, fail. Now what? Are you broken or you make an intransigent mindset to die?

A simple question of survival and we are all breathless. So, just to give a glance at what an average guy would do in the situation, Mr Vikramaditya Motwane has directed a movie.

So, this Movie is Epic, Director Dramatic, Rajkumar Rao Fantastic, Geetanjali Thapa Romantic, Life Sarcastic, Survival Periodic but Overall Intriguing and Captivating.

That is how I’ll elucidate such a movie in one line. But, wait. Aren’t you curious about what a person may learn from this movie? So, why a third party, let me tell you what I got out of it.

What I assimilated was 

Survival of the fittest

No doubt if you aren’t mentally and physically healthy, the world will leave you in peace. And to tell of the peace, I would say, “They’ll leave you alone, in poverty, with no food, no clothes or shelter and miserable.”

This world is just like that and there is nothing wry about that. I’ve met the people who’ve succoured me without any reimbursement. We behave like this because, if you see our face there’s immense charm and austerity but beneath that, our life has travails and we’re going through adverse situations.

Even, you must’ve times when you’d better ignored the person in their hard times because you had no choice.

So, mark my words,

Better to have 1 pencil than 100 erasers.

Meaning: Better to live a year risking everything to feel alive than dying every day your whole life.

Plan or die struggling

Our protagonist’s one mistake lead to the chances of his demise. Somehow, he managed to escape but not everyone is going to have that kind of dedication to survive. Some just want to die.

But, anyway, the main thing here is, if he had woke up early, showed up early, had his phone in his pocket, the world would’ve been a much better place for him. Henceforth, as the old saying goes,

Plan your day so as not to get lost in the infinite obstructions

Overcome your fears

His fear was rats but, in the end, the friend he got was a rat. If he hadn’t he may still be alone. And, even he had exiguous to eat, he still shared with his rat friend. That’s how you become humble and overcome your fears.

By making enemies your friend

If someone talks with you don’t mean he/she is a friend

As he told the guys who were watching television that he’s going home, none of them got up and hugged him. And he thought they were his hostel buddies.

Nope, they were just some knowns who were living together, for god’s sake. They were just a bunch of tomatoes together who had no emotional connection. They were miles far away from each other’s hearts.

They were strangers.

Friendship is earned by going through tribulations, not carved via chit-chat.

Life demands guts

If it is given to you, you are lucky but if you’ve earned it, good you’ve been succeeded.

Survival is hard, living is harder and working your ass off to make your dreams come true is the hardest.

But the last one, which is the hardest is also the simplest because you know what you doing.

And you know you are gonna get it because you know,

What you doing!

Snap! and your life shift tracks

It isn’t about luck but the effort and work you put in. Life is iffy so stop controlling everything and just go with the flow.

Live your life to the fullest.

Be thankful for what you have

You may be taking everything for granted and ignoring the significance of the things you have. But, my friend, not everything is permanent. Remember, “CHANGE is the only constant”.

So, just stop for a second at this moment and say,

“Thank you, God Ji, for everything”.

Do what you can with what you have while you can

You may not have the necessary things, conforming to you, but dear you’ve enough. That’s my bet and I can promise,

you have everything that you need “right now” to succeed.

Little things matter

From the phone’s charger plugged in, to your shoelaces untied, to your messy bed and cupboard, to your undisciplined life, EVERYTHING F.R.E.A.K.I.N.G MATTERS.

That’s why to take care of all those things you need to get up early in the morning. This is how you manage your life and manage those little things.


Managing these little things sums up big results in the long run.

Don’t forget the keys to your door and to your life

Door keys are important, so does the life keys. Once lost, you can have them back but the struggle to that is “unimaginable”. And the regret to that? Worse.

Your story is being written with or without keys, the only difference being one in your control and the other in someone else’s. Now, you’ve to chose how you espouse to live.

Control or be controlled. No other choice is there.

There are many more lessons but, you know, it’d be cool if you suggest some.


Why should you watch the movie?

Because it is worth it.


Jot down below and let me know how you find this movie? I would be very happy to know about your outlook too.

Stay safe and enjoy your life, remember you only got 1. 😀



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