Normality is a bitter truth and worst disease that can happen to anyone because you won’t know if you have it. It is really easy to tell what normal is but the question is, “Are you right about it?”

I have met many people in my life and experienced many things, but so have you. I am no different from you but if we talk about normality, we are all normal.

Our normal lives from each other may differ from each other but the real normal is not relative rather passively existent and I mean it. You will understand what I want to say and it is really interesting. Yes, I mean it, it is.

Let’s have a Thought Experiment:

You are currently doing a job. You may be, making 10,000 – 15,000 INR and currently, an employee of a very small company which is going towards extinction because of lack of growth. This is normal for you.

Now, think you are a businessman. You are making a profit in tens of millions. Another day you experience a loss of a million. Next day, a profit of million due to high sales and high selling of stocks. This is again normal for you.

Now, think you are a drug addict. Every time you take drugs, the capacity to feel hallucination rises. So, your hunger for higher amount rises. Just so you can experience higher normal states. This is again normal, for your situation relative to your life.

Now, think you are a drug dealer, a terrorist, an engineer.

As a drug dealer, you are selling drugs. By doing this, you may put your life at risk.

As a terrorist, you are spreading terror among humans.

As an engineer, you are either repairing a device or the machine or inventing a new piece. In all your lives, you are just a normal person. None is above than another person.

But, now, the most peculiar thing happens. Being a drug dealer, you are making millions, so, you are upper in both class and job than a common job man.

Being a terrorist, you are lower in work ethics but higher in spreading the terror so common man fears from it whereas intelligence agencies tackle with it.

Being an artist, you may be intelligent enough to draw a new painting but in the eyes of the world, you are lower than some other professions.

Comparison Problems:

When you are comparing one field with another, nobody is normal. But when you are not comparing and considering a person’s life, you can see everything is normal. Ups and downs, highs and lows, all are a part of your life.

Now here comes the Theory to Break the Normality aka the Theory of Transitioning. (my theory)

When a job person quits a job and start up a business, he experiences a lot of troubles and struggles. This happens because his normality is shifting from one normal form to another.

When a programmer or developer start learning about sketching, she may experience a lot of boring hours, sleepiness, hungriness, heart palpations, etc.

All these symptoms occur when you are changing your life and getting higher in your standards. Means when you are shifting your normal.

“There is a thin line between normal and comfortable.”

Here is the tricky part, when you have shifted from a developer to an artist, now being an artist, you are normal again. Now, again shifting from an artist to another field, your normal will experience problems.

When you have shifted from one field to another nearly 10 times or more, acquiring mastery in every field, this very shifting behaviour will become your normal.

Normal life is quite synonymous with comfort life. Once become normal or comfortable, you stop growing. No wonder now, why I said before,

“Normality is a bitter truth and worst disease that can happen to anything because you won’t know if you have it.” By me

Now you have to be aware when boring means normal. Feeling of boringness can occur in 2 circumstances:

  • In the first situation, you are not in a mood of learning, know nothing about the subject at hand, but are quite fed up of doing it. This is normal but you’re not in the position to shift the fields. Here, you should learn more, despite boredom, to achieve mastery in it.
  • In the second situation, you are in a mood of learning but the situation is you have achieved 95% mastery in the subject at hand. You have already spent more than estimated time on it.

Let’s say, you have been an app developer since 5 and a half years. Now, I can say that you have learnt enough to develop an app without even looking at the help page about anything.

This is normal and your life is in the state of in high need to experience a new normal state. At this position, you need to change your state.

Maybe, you can choose to learn a new musical instrument.

For example, a piano, a guitar, a flute or if you were an android app developer, shifting to apple app development could be your best bet. But, remember, there are no barriers. You can choose anything to learn.

You may also choose to learn how to play soccer, basketball or cricket. Whatever you learn just be sure that you know nothing to just a little about it, so you can learn many new things.


In the end, I would say and conclude that learning new stuff will be the only way by which you can stop being a normal person.

Normality is not in comparison; yes, we see higher and lower class when comparing fields but as Dr Albert Einstein once said,

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by the ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.”

Always remember, normality comes from within and if we want to experience a high state of intelligence or high state of ecstasy, we need to learn new things. Stop clinging yourself with the past and the rewards it has given.


Feel free to tell us about what you think about being normal. 🙂 Have a happy life.


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