To do any task, you don’t need motivation but reason. You need your concentration to do things which you want to do. Making up an app or writing up a blog meanwhile thinking about your girlfriend or breakup or family relation breakouts won’t result in anything good but it may result in lack of productivity.

During exercise, you need your whole mental focus on exercise. You cannot give your 100% if you are thinking of tasks that are pending or awaiting your execution. Try not to think of the future while you have already planned out your current tasks.

The night before the day, plan out your next day and in every hour have breaks of 5-10 minutes so that even if you come up with new engagements, you can manage them. Changing your mental ability with which you live your days may help.

Full dedication means you can’t think of doing multitasking. We can do multitasking, for sure but we shouldn’t.


Well here is the reason, let’s have a thought experiment:

You are making a whole new beat from scratch. You are putting kicks and snares, loops and vocals. Just after picking up the drums, you start thinking about the homework your college teacher or boss gave you. Or you start thinking about the work your mother gave you.

What will happen?

You start thinking about it and then you realize you have beat to complete. Trying your best (shitty thing is, you think it is your best), you focus on your beat. Again, that situation comes in your mind. Now, that concern or emergency you’re of thinking is your distraction. You lay off from your work for 5 minutes.

Where is your productive mindset?

You go to the kitchen, make coffee, come back and now you feel like taking rest for some more time so to take that concern out. The result is – neither you completed the task that came in your mind nor did you focussed on the beat. Unfortunately, You are Fucked!!

You can’t change it but you can fix it. Now, either make the beat your higher priority or that task which came into your mind. Either way, you should just do it.

“Just make shit happen, try to control your brain and situation.”

This way you can accomplish anything, literally anything because you will be on the execution mode.

When Ravana Ji was laying down on the floor after the arrow pierced his stomach, shot by Ram Ji, Ram Ji asked Laxmana Ji to ask Ravana Ji for some teaching.

Why? Because, after Shiv Ji, Ravana Ji was the only one, in the whole universe, with knowledge of EVERYTHING. Yes, everything. Be it science, mathematics, philosophy, psychology, social science, history, geography, languages, etc. He knew everything because, with centuries of meditation, Tapasya(dedication), he earned it.

Now, at the first attempt, when Laxmana Ji went to Ravana Ji, with some ego, Ravana Ji refused to give him anything.

When Laxmana Ji went back to Ram Ji and told him this, Ram Ji asked Laxmana Ji to kneel down before asking for teaching, showing respect.

Laxmana Ji went back to Ravana Ji and asked for teaching this time, kneeling down.

Ravana Ji gave him 3 teachings:

Teaching 1. Never Underestimate (Never think your opponent is weak). Ravana Ji thought this about humans and monkeys. In the end, they were the one who brought his fate.

Teaching 2. Value Time (Never delay your task for tomorrow/ Never Procrastinate). Ravana Ji never put his task on tomorrow, that’s why he was able to accomplish so much in his lifetime. Procrastination is something everyone should avoid at all costs.

Teaching 3. Never reveal your secrets. Even if you think you can trust your parents, best friend, your love, with your life, that’s a true lie. You can’t. When they’ll be experiencing a threat either from the inside (from heart, thinking you are too much for them), or outside (any torture, life threat), they’ll deceive you. Ravana Ji’s own brother deceived him in the greed for his kingdom.

Why I put them here?

Because, even during his deathbed, his 2nd teaching was Value time. This is the key to dedication.

Never lose your 100% focus from your task.

One more thought experiment to end this question:

When you are having sex or doing your most favourite thing (sketching, talking with friends, photography, working on your website), you do it with all your heart. And, after doing, when you relook at your done work, you just have a sense of awe as to how you did it because now you can’t figure out every link the things have in common in the work.

This is because at that time, with whole concentration, your brain got into deep thinking resulting in a masterpiece.

That is why you read this whole answer.

That is why this is a good answer because my whole concentration was on writing.

Thank you for reading.


Do tell us how what you think about motivation. We will love to hear from you.


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